Keyboard Damaged? We’re here to repair or replace the unit


It’s a bit like a cart without a horse really when your keyboard packs up on you. You can’t do anything on your laptop or PC. You may have dropped and damaged it or its full of nasty, underlying debris such as crumbs from your fave biscuits. Or just months and months of dust that’s infiltrated the keypads. Not good – but help is at hand.

Contact your Beckenham specialists in keyboard damage repair, Home Computers Repair for a fast solution. We can carry out a proper examination of the keyboard, which may have suffered liquid spillage. Whatever the problem, you can rely on our experts to sort the problem and have you back in action within two or three days. Home Computer Repairs in Kent are able to fix all makes and models which have been victims of keyboard damage.

It may be a hardware or software problem

Not all computer keyboard damage issues that we get at Home Computers Repair in Beckenham are caused by liquid spillage. For instance, when your laptop keyboard isn’t working properly it could be a hardware or software problem. Software faults often mean that you have a corrupted keyboard driver, which we can replace.

Maybe some of the keys have just stop functioning. Most likely you’ve a build-up of dirt and dust around them. Good advice from Home Computers Repair Kent is to adopt of regular cleaning regime which can avoid this problem but if that fails to resolve it, it’s likely a replacement computer keyboard is called for.

Home Computers Repair Beckenham are committed to the highest quality keyboard damage repairs at a cost that affordable to you. Whatever the modelour technicians can provide solutions for you. Any quote we provide at start, we honour. No fix? No fee!

Call us now on 0208658 4366 or you can email your details to it’s more convenient we can arrange for one of our Kent home computer repair technicians to come to your residence to solve your computer problems.