Hard Drive Repairs/Upgrades

Hard drive disk replacements withthe speedy SSD

Your troublesome hard drive disk (HDD) can be examined and even replaced by one of our team in double quick time. In line with current practice, Home Computer Repairs Kent are replacing the old hard disks with the newer, faster and top qualitySolid State Drives (SSDs).

While HDDs are cheaper and have more storage space, SSDs are much quicker, lighter and more durable. They also use less energy. Which means they’re ideal for the home computer. We know which would work best for you when it comes to hard drive repairs/upgrades at Home Computer Repairs Beckenham. Our aim is to improve your computer speed and overall reliability.

You can bring your laptop or other device to our Kent engineeror he can come to you to provide hard drive repairs/upgrades. This can be at your home or office.

The process of HDD to SSD upgrades

Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to your old hard drive. When it comes to hard drive repairs/upgrades at Home Computer Repairs in Kent and London, SSD can greatly improve your computer performance. Faster? Certainly is. Up to 20 times faster. You’ll think you have a new computer. But don’t just imagine it – let’s do the work for you. By upgrading from your existing hard drive we can transfer your existing files to the new drive, so don’t be afraid that you’ll lose anything. You can carry on working with your new system and existing data in real quick time following hard drive repairs/upgrades at Home Computer Repairs Beckenham.

Working miracles in expanding your small SSD

It’s a fact that with some of the bottom range laptop computers there’s limited storage space – about 32 GB – that can’t be upgraded using standard SSD drives. Just won’t fit you see. What we do at Home Computer Repairs Kent in effecting hard drive repairs/upgrades is create a slot in which we’re able to solder in a special upgrade and so magically, almost, conjure up a bigger drive.

This small disk upgrading increase is really aimed at less expensive end devices from the Asus, Acer and other laptop ranges which are always short on space. Call us on 0208658 4366and we’ll be able to advise on how your disk space could be increased with great results. It’s also worth noting that when upgrading your Windows operating system say from 8 to 10, there’s usually not enough space available on your little laptop as created by the manufacturer.

Transferring data and file recovery

We use a cloning process in turning your existing drive into a new one. There’s no data loss and when you get it back from Home Computer Repairs Beckenham as part of our hard drive repairs/upgrades you’ll be able to carry on working exactly where you left off. But what a difference in performance you’ll find. If it’s a completely fresh start you’re after, installing a new Windows system on your new drive is no problem. All your data gets carried over.

Home or office visits in Kent – the choice is yours

Doesn’t matter where you’re located in north Kent, hard drive replacements and upgrading’s can be accomplished by our technicians in your home or office premises. If you’re getting a lot of flickering on your screen every time you start up and your system freezes regularly, you can be sure your hard drive is on its last legs. Don’t suffer the frustration. Just give us a call now on 0208658 4366to make a home appointment and one of our guys will be round to fix your problem in no time at all.

Other tell-tale problems that your hard drive is failing are a blue screen, Windows programmes not loading properly and the system’s performance is almost at snail’s pace. Warning! You’re in danger of losing all your files if you don’t take action. Just give Home Computer Repairs Beckenham a call and find out about our hard drive repairs/upgradesbefore all your data gets lost. Then you’ll save your valuable business or academic files and your treasured photo memories.