Apple Mac Repairs

The Apple grower in Kent is right here when it comes to repairs

Kent has been famous for its apples and here in Beckenham, we’d like to think we have a great reputation as a first class grower of Apple Mac Repair services. We can examine, fix, and return your Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro,MacBook Air or iMacneeding fault or damage repair almost as quick as you can say Cox’s Orange Pippin!

Although were based in leafy rural Kent, that doesn’t mean that at Home Computer Repairs Beckenham we don’t use approved Apple replacement components in your Mac. Indeed we do. What we don’t do is charge Apple worldly prices for our Mac repairs. Being on your doorstep, we carry out repairs on MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMacin-house – so there’s no waiting around for shipment returns from some third-party repairer elsewhere in the country. We do everything here and with all the correct Apple parts.

They’re fitted in our workshop at a cost that matches what we paid for them. No mysterious or even fancy add on charges. All you pay with the parts cost price is our labour fee. As we can pick up and drop off your Mac following repairs, you’re not landed with extra handling or carriage costs as you would with those bigger guys.

Same standards – but we’re cheaper, faster and convenient to you

Be assured that we do exactly the same Apple Mac repairs at Home Computer Repairs Kent as in the larger, branded alternatives at the other end of the country but cheaper, faster and absolutely with more convenience.

We’re cosy and local client friendly, but the Apple Mac repair serviceswe provide is professional and very secure. Secure in the sense that all of our technicians have to sign their own non-disclosure agreements. This means that every Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac worked on by a fully qualified Home Computer Repairs Beckenham Mac engineer is personally responsible for the security of your precious home or office data in Apple Mac Repairs.

Wherever you live in north Kent or south central London, we can call to pick up your Mac and carry out the necessary work, often on the same day.

The iMac – an Apple success story but not without its faults

For over two decades the iMac has become a dynamic computer PC standard for both home and business. A powerful, all-in-one desktop computer with its fine design features and a portability unusual in DTPs. It’s user-friendly for both novices and those more familiar with computers. However, when it fails it can fail badly. One thing’s for sure, never try and fix one yourself – unless you’re a Mac repair specialist yourself, but then you wouldn’t be reading this anyhow!

It is specialist work. Just getting inside the shelland carefully finding the right access to the relevant parts for repair requires an expert, whether that’s an iMac, Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, orMacBook Air. So when your machine starts to waver, call us on 0208658 4366 or email details of your problem to

We are your local experts in Apple Mac repairs and the service at Home Computer Repairs Beckenham is fast, so convenient, and our prices as competitive as you’ll find anywhere. So when your Mac starts to hack, don’t call the computer funeral service. Call us!

Out of warranty or service agreement?No problem!

Whatever its age, whatever the Mac model, when your warranty or Apple Care service agreement expires, we’re here for you. Hardware or software issues, damage by flying objects or water, we have solutions to almost every problem you may encounter. Being dropped off a cliff or run over by a steamroller may be a challenge too far, however. If we discover that your Mac can’t be fixed to the degree that the repairs would cost more than the unit’s worth, we’ll let you know straightaway. We always exercise a no fix, no fee policy.

The Mac engineers at Home Computer Repairs Kent and London are familiar with every model, so when it comes to Apple Mac repairs they know straight off what common issues affect each one and how they can be resolved.

Getting your Mac files back

There’s more elsewhere on the website about this but if your Mac problem is to do with lost files and the urgent need to retrieve them, then our guys are fully trained and conversant with data recovery processes. We can recall some or all of your lost data from the affected Mac you own.

Hardware and software issues in Apple Mac Repairs Beckenham

Sometimes it may just be a simple software fix that’s needed or a clever burst of network engineering. If it’s a set issue in the repair repertoire, then we’ll resolve it at a fixed price. Even if it’s not, the expert Mac engineers at Home Computer Repairs Beckenham will find the problem and get to work sorting it when it comes to Apple Mac repairs. They’ll also sort it faster than most other computer repair operations in Kent.

We know what charges are made out there because we regularly check what competitors are up to. So when it comes to the best-priced Apple Mac repairs in the Beckenham area, talk to us first on 0208658 4366. We know you won’t be disappointed because at Home Computer Repairs we offer a first class service to clients both old and new.